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Friday, October 22nd, 2004
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I purchased a savings bond about ten weeks ago and another about six weeks ago. I have not recieved either actual bond yet. How long does it normally take to get them?

Tom’s Response

When you buy a Savings Bond at a bank or through a Payroll Savings Plan, it should arrive within three calendar weeks.

It’s time for you to contact the bank where you purchased the bond and have them find out what happened. They will work with the federal office that issues savings bonds to find the missing bonds or to get you replacements.

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On October 15th, 2006 DONNA said:

I’ve changed my address since i ordered the saving bond, what do i do to get my bond, postol service does not forward things like that or from banks? Is their a number i can call?
Thank you

On October 16th, 2006 Tom Adams said:

Hi Donna – If you filled out the card at your old Post Office giving them your new address, they will foward all first class mail, including your Savings Bond.

However, since it may be too late for that, just follow the instructions given above – contact the bank where you purchased the bond and ask them to find out what happened to it. The phone number you need to call is the one for the bank where you purchased the bond.

On October 20th, 2006 Stephanie Garis said:

When i Was 9 i recieved a savings bond as a gift my grandmother took care of it, when she died i never heard what happened to it. How do i find out what happened to It?

On August 29th, 2007 Stephanie Tanner said:

My brother purchased a savings bond 7 years ago for my daughter. When I did not receive the paperwork, I contacted my brother and had him check with the facility where it was purchased, no luck and he could not find his paperwork. As of today, we still have not received anything. Can I locate the bond using her social security number?

On August 29th, 2007 Tom Adams said:

Stephanie – What you have is a “lost bond.” The hoops you need to jump through to get a replacement are the same hoops everyone else with a lost bond has to jump through. You can find out about them on our page about having lost Savings Bonds replaced.

Tom Adams

On October 15th, 2007 Stephanie Tanner said:

Thank you Tom for your help and information.

On September 24th, 2008 Ivana Williams said:

I retired from the military October 1, 2007. For many years, I had payroll deduction for savings bonds – but in checking my bonds, I just realized I don’t have bonds for September 2007 and can’t figure out why. Shouldn’t funds have been taken out of that last check for the bonds? How do I find out if I am due bonds for September 2007?

On September 25th, 2008 Tom Adams said:

I’m sorry Ivana, but this is a question about the military payroll system, and I don’t know anything about the military payroll system.

Tom Adams

On February 5th, 2009 Michael Coy said:

I bought a $50 US Savings Bond thru my local bank but on the form PDF 5263 I listed the wrong address for the person I bought it for. Needless to say the recipient has not received nor will probably receive the bond due to my error in filling out the form.

What can I do about this?

On February 5th, 2009 Tom Adams said:

Hi Michael – as the message above suggests, you should contact the bank where you purchased the bonds. They will work with the Treasury to get the bonds to their proper home.

Tom Adams

On February 11th, 2009 Barbara Worthy said:

I purchaswed 5 I bonds. We received 4 but never received the 5th one. How do we find out what to do to get it?

On February 12th, 2009 Tom Adams said:

Barbara – as the article above says, you need to contact the bank where you purchased the bond. They will work with the U.S. Treasury to find or reissue the missing bond.

Tom Adams

On April 15th, 2009 Carol Clifford said:

I called the bank where I purchased two bonds which we do not think came. These were purchased on 12/10/08. They told me they can’t do anything, that I had to find a number and call or check on it myself.


On April 16th, 2009 Tom Adams said:

Carol – The person you talked to didn’t know the process and rather than finding out about it put that on you.

You can try again – asking this time to speak with the person who deals with the Treasury on Savings Bond issues before asking the question.

Or you can use our Ask the Treasury link.

Tom Adams

On May 11th, 2009 Amy said:

I filled out the forms to claim two lost Savings Bonds.
How long does it take to get the replacements/check?

On May 13th, 2009 Tom Adams said:

Amy – typically you hear back from them in about three weeks, although it can take a bit longer when they get a lot of claims in one week.

Tom Adams

On May 18th, 2009 Leigh said:

Hi my father was in the military in the 60s and had saving bonds taken out of his check and they were supossed to be sent to my mother who was only 16 at the time. She never recieved them and neither did he. How can I find o ut what happened to them.-

On May 19th, 2009 Tom Adams said:

Leigh – The information you need to have the bonds replaced is here. You might also check with military safekeeping.

Tom Adams

On February 20th, 2010 thomas said:

i was in the navy and money was taking out of my pay for a bond but i never received one to this day. how do i find out about it.

On February 22nd, 2010 Tom Adams said:

Thomas – the info you’re looking for is here.

Tom Adams

On March 13th, 2010 mary moredich said:

I need an address and phone number to write to the US Treasury on lost bonds for my children of $40,000 each for the 3 of them. I want to find them before I die. I was with my father when he bought them for them about 10 yrs ago but he is now deceased and I cant remember if I was the beneficiary or him. I know the bank where they were purchased. I only have the serial number for the youngest child, not the other 2 children.

On March 16th, 2010 Tom Adams said:

Mary – there’s no phone number you can call about this. It’s not clear from your note whose name is on the bonds. Whoever it is (if it’s your father, you can represent him by submitting a copy of his death certificate) has to file a lost bond claim. Information on how to do that is here.

Tom Adams

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