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Monday, February 21st, 2005
Categorized as: Treasury Direct has a discussion area that includes a group called the Vanguard Diehards.

Some of the members of this group use TreasuryDirect to invest in Savings Bonds. Every once in awhile a discussion will break out about Treasury Direct service and policies.

Yesterday a discussion began when a member reported Treasury Direct had deducted an amount from his bank account twice. To read all about it, click here: Morningstar Vanguard Diehards TreasuryDirect discussion.

One member points out that you can confirm what happened after you enter a transaction. To do this, click on Current Holdings in the bar across the top of the screen, then select Pending Transactions in the paragraph of text under the page headline.

You’ll get a page asking whether you want to see your pending transactions in a list or a calendar. Select one and drill down to see the details on the transaction you just entered. If it’s not right, there’s a button you can use to delete it.

Another member said that when he opened his TreasuryDirect account he was trying it out and mistakenly entered a $30,000 purchase. Again, if this happens to you, calmly go to Current Holdings and delete the scheduled transaction.

Anything but calm, however, he emailed the help contact. The next morning his account was overdrawn and it took about a week to get it straightened out. However, he reports the “real people” he talked to were polite and responsive.

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