Let Congress know how you feel about net-neutrality

Friday, August 4th, 2006
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eBay has set up a system that makes it easy to let your Senators and Congressial Representative know that you oppose the efforts of telephone companies to create two tiers of internet service.

Part of my own career was spent working for a major telephone company and I can confirm that these companies spend vast amounts of money on – and have entire departments of workers devoted to – lobbying federal and state politicians and regulatory commissions.

Consequently, when the telephone companies want something, they usually get it. Right now they want to make more money off the internet by creating a two-tier payment system. Experts characterize this as a superhighway for the big internet companies and a dirt road for the rest of us.

The phone companies say they need money to provide the service, but they always neglect to mention that everyone already pays them to use the internet. The greatest strength of the internet is the way it gives small companies the same clout as larger ones. Take that away and the internet will become just another TV channel.

Click here to use eBay’s system to let your representatives know you oppose this phone company power grab.

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