Book Notes for Savings Bond Alert: Nov 2005 Edition

Update: On May 17, 2006, President Bush signed a new tax law that in its fine print raised the age of the kiddie tax to 18 from 14. Please take a pencil to page 127 of this edition and change “14” to “18” in the four places it occurs. For more information, see Tax law change impacts kiddie tax and Roth IRAs. The change is retroactive to January 1, 2006.

Chapter 2 – Today’s choices – Series I and Series EE

Chapter 3 – Electronic at TreasuryDirect or paper at your bank?

Chapter 5 – Why Savings Bonds?

Chapter 6 – Savings Bond A, B, Cs

Chapter 8 – How much are my Savings Bonds worth?

  • 8-1GBonds – a Savings Bond calculator for GNOME/Linux.
  • 8-2 – The Treasury’s Savings Bond Calculator
  • 8-3 – Right-click on the following link and select Save Target As from the menu that appears on your screen US Savings Bond Wizard. If you have trouble downloading the file, try a normal click. If that doesn’t work either, the Treasury has additional download tips here.

Chapter 9 – Keeping track of your Savings Bond inventory

Chapter 10 – Lost and stolen Savings Bonds

Chapter 11 – Changing the registration

Chapter 12 – Managing the deferred-tax time bomb

Chapter 14 – Basics of Savings Bond redemption

Chapter 15 – How to minimize the income tax bite

Chapter 16 – Inheriting and passing on Savings Bonds

  • 16-1Public Debt Form 1455Request by Fiduciary for Reissue or Distribution of United States Savings Bonds
  • 16-2Public Debt Form 2513Application by Voluntary Guardian of Incapacitated Owner of Unites States Bonds or Notes
  • 16-3Public Debt Form 1522Special Form for Request of Payment of Unites States Savings and Retirement Securities Where Use of a Detached Request is Authorized
  • 16-4Public Debt Form 5394Agreement and Request for Disposition of a Decedent’s Treasury Securites
  • 16-5Public Debt Form 5336Disposition of Securities Belonging to a Decedent’s Estate Being Settled without Administration