Book Notes for Savings Bond Advisor: Fifth Edition

Introduction – Is this book for you?

Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Savings Bonds

Chapter 2 – Why Savings Bonds?

Chapter 3 – Today’s choices – Series I and Series EE

Chapter 4 – How to invest in Savings Bonds

Chapter 5 – Whose name goes on the bond?

Chapter 6 – All about TreasuryDirect

Chapter 7 – Savings Bond A, B, Cs

Chapter 8 – How much are my Savings Bonds worth?

Chapter 9 – Keeping track of your Savings Bond inventory

  • 9-1 – Download Savings Bond Inventory template for Microsoft Excel (Don’t Open this file immediately, first Save it on your own computer, then open it.)

Chapter 10 – Savings Bonds and estate planning

Chapter 11 – Inheriting Savings Bonds

  • 11-1Public Debt Form 4000Request to reissue United States Savings Bonds
  • 11-2Public Debt Form 1455Request by Fiduciary for Reissue or Distribution of United States Savings Bonds
  • 11-3Public Debt Form 2513Application by Voluntary Guardian of Incapacitated Owner of United States Bonds or Notes
  • 11-4Public Debt Form 1522Special Form for Request of Payment of United States Savings and Retirement Securities Where Use of a Detached Request is Authorized
  • 11-5Public Debt Form 5394Agreement and Request for Disposition of a Decedent’s Treasury Securities
  • 11-6Public Debt Form 5336Disposition of Securities Belonging to a Decedent’s Estate Being Settled without Administration

Chapter 12 – Changing the registration

Chapter 13 – Lost and stolen Savings Bonds

Chapter 14 – Managing the deferred-tax time bomb

  • 14-1 – The most current US Tax Rate table
  • 14-2IRS Publication 17
  • 14-3Form to reinstate tax-deferral – If you’ve been granted permission to pay interest on your Savings Bonds every year, use this form to get automatic permission from the IRS to switch back to deferring interest. But beware: you are setting a double-taxation trap.

Chapter 15 – Is tax-deferral better than higher rates?

Chapter 16 – Basics of Savings Bond redemption

Chapter 17 – How to minimize the income tax bite